The new generation of Xbox has arrived.

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Xbox One is a state-of-the art gaming console, a new generation home entertainmentsystem and a whole lot
more. The days of switching inputs on your TV to play games or watch a movie are over.
With the Xbox One you can easily switch from tv to games, from Skype to movies and from music to internet, all controlled by your voice.
xbox-one gaming for real With the Xbox One, games look so real, you’ll swear they’re are real. Imagine yourself in cinematic worlds with characters that are more lifelike than ever.
And reach into television, sports, music, and even the internet in ways you never considered possible.
With the included Kinect the Xbox One will recognize you. The Xbox learns what you like and what not and puts it all together in your personalized homescreen and it will respond to your movements, voice and gestures. xbox-one-personalized

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Specifications of the Xbox One: